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Bay Area Riding School provides a solid foundation in horseback riding, horse behavior and care for children and adults exploring their passion for horses.

Crystal Forsell has been teaching horseback riding lessons in the Pleasanton area for more than a decade.  Read more about Crystal, here.

Horseback Riding Lessons

Bay Area Riding School has a proven track record of creating winning students and

knowledgeable horse owners.

Beginner Horseback Riding

Our lessons start by learning how to get the horse out of the stall and prepare him for riding while learning about horse behavior and safety.   While mounted, riders will learn basic independent control at the walk and trot on a line connected to the instructor.  By the instructor keeping control of the horse, this allows the student to concentrate on developing their muscle memory before proceeding to independent control at faster paces.  This is greatly beneficial to the long term success of the rider.  We have quality, trained horses for teaching riding.


Riding For Kids

Our experienced instructors will teach age appropriate tasks both on the ground and on the horse.  While working around the horse thoughtfulness and attention to detail is emphasized.  This includes everything from watching the horse's behavior to care of the equipment.  Many parents have commented how these lessons positively effect their child at home and at school.  On the horse, exercises and games teach students body awareness and multi-tasking skills.

Children who ride horses:


Build Confidence

Learn Responsibility



Gain Awareness

Improve Balance

Multi-tasking Skills

Riding For Adults

Learning to ride as an adult has rewards in many areas.  Horseback riding is for recreation and sport and many find themselves recharged after spending some barn time with the horses.  You might be looking for a mental and physical break from the office during the day or after work and we're happy to accommodate your busy schedule.  After several lessons, you should also begin to feel a physical benefit from riding.  Riding provides a workout for the legs and core as well as cardio.

Our instructors will guide you through caring for the horse and equipment before and after the lesson and use mounted exercises to learn balance, feel, and control of the horse, ultimately discovering how to develop a nice partnership with the horse.

A Riding Program to Grow With

After the rider has become independent with a confidant seat and control, it might be time to look at the next steps.  Our students can participate in horse shows.  Showing is great way to measure progress by honing in on strengths and weaknesses and setting goals.  We offer leasing to get more saddle time and as a stepping stone to horse ownership.  When a rider is ready to move to horse ownership we guide them through the process of selecting the perfect match and then set them on the right path together.  This includes help refining the search, trying out horses, the pre-purchase exam, and the recommending a training program.

Dressage Lessons for Experienced Riders

For experienced riders that do not own their own horses we have trained school horses available to develop advanced riding skills in dressage.  Exercises are designed to create thinking riders than can move up the levels.

Dressage Training for Horse Owners

Sometimes professional help is required in reaching your goals with your horse.  Dressage principles will help in the horse and rider becoming better partners.  For more information on dressage lessons and training please see our training site,

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